Welcome to Uplift!!

We are so excited that God has sent you to our website. On behalf of my wife, children and the entire Uplift church family we greet you with the love of God, the joy of Jesus, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit!

It is our sincere prayer to be able to meet you in person at church or at one of our community service projects, but since you are here there are a few things we suggest you try out:

1. Read the word of the day: Be encouraged daily by the word of God and a thought provoking message.

2. Submit a prayer request: Are you in need of prayer, if so we would like to pray with and for you.

3. Sign up to serve: We are putting ministry into action through service and would love to have you on the team. Feel free to sign up for any of our service opportunities or suggest a new one.

4. Learn about our ministries, our beliefs, and Ashaki and me.



Praying we meet you soon,
Pastor Lionel and Ashaki Means

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